Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All together now....

I'm happy to say I've started my Christmas hols! It's been a busy ol' year and I'm grateful for a few days to chill out at last!
Christmas Eve to me means a visit to my local farm pick up our free range Turkey and some organic veg, with the chance for a wee nibble on a Mince Pie while you wait! I'll take my camera along and hope to grab a few pics of the festivities! A really good turkey makes all the difference - it's succulent, fresh and of course makes me feel happier knowing they've had a good and humane up-bringing.
The arrival of my December Studio Calico kit has inspired me to get cracking on some festive pictures - I'm of course starting with some of my Martha pictures from our Christmas card photo shoot! Out of all her options she seemed to like the scarf the best and let me know by having a good bark whilst wearing it! It made me giggle that she looked a bit like a carol singer in this one, hence the title! (although my scanner hasn't loved it as much and it's a bit dark! So I'll add the original below!)

The page shows off my little Christmas present to myself - some gorgeous Studio Calico alpha stamps - they both seem really usuable fonts and in a great size.
I'll hope to be back later with some festive pics... have a great Christmas Eve!


  1. Merry Christmas to you and the girls! ;)