Sunday, March 29, 2009

dr seuss

This week sees the new Challenge over at A True Friend - and this time Shelly has a fantastic challenge for us! It's a Dr Seuss themed one and you can be as lateral as you like to make it fit your pet... of course if you have a Cat in a Hat picture, then you are sorted!
After perusing a wiki list of titles I came across of 'I am NOT going to get up today' - perfect for some lazy pics of Martha. In their defence both my girls get up bright and early with me at 6am, but after the girls are sorted they go straight back into a deep sleep until someting worth getting up for - be that walks or lunch! 
When they are young Newfs are pretty high-energy - always wanting to be entertained, but once they hit 2 they seem to magically transmute into a big lazy thing for most of the day - however they can still leap about with the best of them when the mood takes them!

It won't be long until baby New Forest Ponies start making an appearance  - but it'll be quite a while longer until the donkey foals appear - however the grown up and yearling donkeys are just as cute...

280309 Donkey

Just for Dawn I think we'll nickname this one Geraldine...


  1. the girls are just gorgeous. Love the papers you used - I bought a couple of sheets of that shaped paper at the back the other day - it jumped out at me in the shop

  2. Dawn says lol!!! :-)))