Wednesday, May 26, 2010


While these little people continue to grow in their cosy brooder... (these were actually from the 20th so more shots soon!)

These even littler people hatched under clever broody-chook Dolly on Saturday. They ventured out of their house properly today and I managed to get a few pics!

They really are teeny weeny as they are bantam chickens and it's so lovely to see Dolly looking after them so carefully. I'm definitely a convert to the natural way of hatching!


  1. Oh bless their little hearts, they are just so cute! When can we come and visit them?!

    C x

  2. So very cute.. xxx

  3. You rnew little chicklets look great Katy, I'm sure producing lovely eggs in no time!

    There is an award for you on my blog. Love, Clare x

  4. Great chick pix.My new brood (2 spangled hamburgs, 2 light brahmas and 2 red caps) arrived on Mother's Day. What breed is your 'mother' hen? I have a similar looking one that arrived as an unnamed gift chick. She is now 11.

  5. Dolly is a Partridge Pekin and is a real sweetie! 11 is amazing for a chicken!!