Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rollercoaster of emotion.

What a traumatising morning already! In my car I have a little Auxillary socket, that I can plug my ipod into, it's great because I don't have to cart around a load of cds or have one of those radio-transmitter things. But this morning, I was convinced my little red ipod was broken, I couldn't get the socket/or headphones in the hole.... I was very sad... especially as it's just out of warranty.

But then a little ray of sunshine entered my world. A teeny silver lining to my cloud... the wonderful new PINK iPod Nano has just been announced! And come pay day it was to be mine! So all was good with the world... and then i thought 'I'll just have a little look at my old one..' and after much peering I spotted something untoward about the socket.... there appeared to be something lodged inside! So (and don't try this at home kids!!) I had a little probe with my pokey tool. And out came.... a teeny collection of dog chew bits!!!

I really shouldn't be surprised....

So i've saved £130 quid.... but i'm a bit sad that my life won't have this little nugget of goodness.....


  1. Katy...yoo hoo!! You still need this ipod!

    Got my daughter one for christmas and it is fantastic! Her's is Mint Green though.. she loves it.. and it does so much more than a normal ipod!

  2. He He He! I laughed so much I nearly dropped my crisps! How the hell did they get there Katy?!?!

    Scott's just got a nano too (not pink tho) and it is brill. Very neat!