Friday, August 29, 2008

Busy, busy...

Been busy, busy the last few days so as a catch up here's a few pictures...
Martha, just being Martha... I love her great big squishy face - she really does look like a big snuggly bear from this angle!
On Wednesday a little trip over to Hatchett Pond at Beaulieu was in order, it's not often I venture to the far side of the New Forest but Martha was glad to find there are lovely ponds all over!
I was more distressed to find that the Black Headed Gulls are already well on their way to sporting their fulll winter plumage! We haven't even had summer yet!
Had a wander out in the garden this morning, I adore this little miniature Acer that overhangs the pond...
...but love even more that I managed to capture the sun glinting shining through the leaves... see... a brief 5 mins of summer after all!

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