Monday, February 02, 2009

Walking in a Winter Wonderland!

Woke up this morning to the very rare sight of snow in Dorset! After sorting out the creatures I dutifully crawled through 5mph traffic to work... Once there I was glad of my lovely new boots as I had to trudge aross a very snowy and slippery car park!
After watching fluffy flakes falling (woah.. loving the alliteration!) all day I was sure that with a bit of luck i'd be able to grab a few pictures of the girls having fun in the snow once I got home if only the light could hold out! Well... my luck was in! It was a bit dismal so these are noisier than i'd like but they do the job! Lot's of lovely snowy pics to let me break out the Sassafras 'Life at the Pole'!

It's still snowing outside and all track of snowball fights and big newfy footprints... it's about 4-6 inches in the garden... god knows what it'll be like by the morning!!!
A page to share as well's using Dream Street papers plus a few or my favourite bits and pieces from Doodlebug and Prima. I think the title might need some explanation...Martha is a totally soppy beast and you can quite happily pretend to munch on her nose.. Lola Rose though won't have any of it... and you get a Newfy glare if you even dare to ask!!!!


  1. ahh there is lola! love the snow photos esp the sliding one x

  2. Love the pictures of the Girls, looks like icicles hanging from their mouths..

  3. wow thats quite a glare she has there!
    love the pics of the girlies in the snow - can just see them in St Bernard mode with the barrel of brandy round their necks lol

  4. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Awww such lovely photos of Martha and Lola in the snow..they are gorgeous dogs!

  5. What lovely pics of the girls, they really look at home in the snow, such pretty girls.

  6. I love those snowy photos!! I'm telling you... a book... a book... a book...