Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The best invention in history...

I set out this evening to take a wonderful still life shot of a succulent Gala apple for my picture of the day - I set up the 'cube' took a few shots and set them uploading to my laptop... all was well so I felt safe in donating the leftovers to a grateful recipient...
However on perusing my shots later, they could at best be described as poor! Clearly my attempts at photographing a healthy snack weren't meant to be... so I decided that it was only fair to turn to the dark-side for my next attempt... and suddenly everything fell into place... 3 frames and job done! I guess it would be wrong to fight fate!
The wonderful invention I referred to in my title wasn't as you might be thinking now, a double choc-chip muffin, although it is undeniably fantastic... the winner is sequin waste! It is quite possibly the most hideous thing you have ever laid eyes on, but add a bit of glue stick and some flocking and it makes the perfect reusuable mask. Because it's a bit wibbly and floppy you get a fabulous irregular effect without even trying! Love it!

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  1. now then... never thought of doing that with the sequin waste.. great idea!

    Lovely photos too...

    Jo xx