Monday, January 12, 2009

Transformers... printers in disguise...

My one concession to the Xmas sales arrived today and rather fantastic it is too! It's a Canon Selphy Printer and was less than half price! I printed off a few of my 365's to test it out and it's awesome! The prints are gorgeously glossy and look better than photobox prints! So in celebration it's the subject of my 365 for today... And by the way how cute is it?? It's like a handbag!
Martha was rather reluctant for her picture today, I think she was a bit cheesed off after a day of pouring rain - as much as they love being IN water, Newfies aren't so keen on the water coming down ON them...
While I go and play with my lovely new toy, I leave you with a page from the weekend - lot's of fun Sassafras and a cute picture of Martha.


  1. Awww I never realised printers could be so cute!!!

  2. That is a pretty cute printer.

  3. Lovely Printer...