Monday, January 19, 2009

A dark day...

Today I've had to say goodbye to a good friend... the perfect comfy pair of jeans that you just know that you'll never find another pair quite the same again. It wasn't dramatic or disasterous, I finally just admitted they were a little threadbare and not really fit for purpose... I guess this means i'll have to trot off to Next to attempt to find my next best friend...
Talking of friendly... they say there's nothing as friendly as a wet dog, but a slobbery one comes a close second!
Combining a big ol' wodge of photos waiting to be scrapped from my 365's and an almost instantaneous fix from the new Selphy, I churned out a few pages this weekend including this one - I actually don't much like the papers that I used on this one so sliced them up nice and small! I'm on a bit of a drive to use some of my old stash at the moment, I want to have a nice clear out of my craft area so I can buy a few organisational goodies in Ikea next month. The Prima's and the tape, I've had for an age, but I still love them, so I'm happy to drag those back out into the light!


  1. I love coming on here every day to see what you've photographed today.
    And I love the simplicity of that layout - just makes the pic pop

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    I hope you dont mind but I have just Scraplifted this LO and posted it on my Blog (all credit given!) Love the LO and all your other work too, keep it up! xxx