Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jump and Shout...

Shockingly today saw the first day without frost for weeks! So of course I was straight out with the girls... a walk without 6 jumpers, 3 scarves and two pairs of gloves was quite the novelty! This also meant I could just about muster the energy to grab some action shots, so to celebrate my pic of the day is Martha in full flight!
It's been nice to grab a couple of pictures in the daylight over the weekend... it's a lot more challenging in the week where I seem to go to work and com home in the dark! Watch this space to see me attempt to find 5 more interesting subjects this week!!!


  1. Your lucky to have had a nice day.Its been pouring down here with gale force winds. Oh the joy, NOT...

  2. Love the photo
    Left you a wee something on my blog!