Thursday, January 01, 2009

Day one and counting...

The traditional way for a blogger or scrapbooker to greet the New Year is to pledge to strive to complete a photo everyday... I started last year and did pretty well, only lagging about August if my memory serves correctly... so this year I resolve to try again! I'm not going to use any sort of theme or topic, just whatever grabs me about each day...

Out and about on a bracing New Year's stroll I popped my wide angle lens in my bag and brought along my wide angle lens and thought I'd try and get something approximating a fair landscape shot... it's not a type of photography I do often so it's the perfect way to start my 365.
While I'm at it I may as well feature a pic of one of the doglets daily (that's if they aren't my main pic!) so here's Martha looking her gorgeous self... she was a bit of a scaredy cat last night with some rather late fireworks so I had a big ol' snuggly bear stealing the duvet for most of the night! Bless her cotton socks!


  1. That scenic pic is great, and your doggies are to die for!!

  2. She is just adorable!!