Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekends are tiring...

...especially if you're a little bear called Martha, who's had lots of fun playing and paddling today... a snooze is the only way to recharge your batteries ready for more action!
Spotted some gorgeous Fallow deer while out today - they were a bit far off for my 70-200, and I think I really could do with some longer glass... shame money doesn't grow on trees!!! I reckon I need something at least 400mm... think I'd better get saving!!


  1. ok, ok, I have to finally admit it... I am in love with your dogs! :) They are so super gorgeous. It always smile when I see the photos you put in your blog :)

  2. this is the cutest love the photos, i have a photo on my blog of my little bear but mines a bit smaller than yours lol x