Saturday, January 10, 2009


Round here it's not often we get a proper frost that holds on all day, but the last couple of weeks have been a totally different story - just down the road from me the other day, the sea froze! So I was thrilled to spot this frosty lane leading into the New Forest today... Grabbed a few pics and then on the way back to the car, I couldn't resisit taking a pic of my little car for my 365! He looked so cute!
Talking of cute, Martha had great fun padlding in the ford - one of her favourite spots - she didn't think it was cold at all - even plonking her big bum down in the water!
And here's the frosty evidence... I've never seen this ford frozen before! - it was pretty amazing to see... of course once Martha had finished with it there was a lot less intact ice!
And on the icy theme, I love the ice blue of this paper (sorry I can't remember what it is!) and of course the cute pic of lovely Lola.


  1. Wow! great layout Katie and fabulous pics!! I haven't seen the forest looking that good in years - lucky you to catch it. Is that ford very close to a rather good pub? Looks familiar?

  2. Katy, its been minus 10 here for nearly a week. Today is the first day it's got above freezing..

  3. It IS near a fabulous pub! My favourite!